12 May Schedule

May 12, 2021

10:30-11:30 AM EST (2:30-3:30 PM UTC)

Room 1:  Nadja Petranovskaja “15 facilitation ideas without technical poppycock”
We sit or stand in front of our computers, we only see a fraction of our body language, we are limited to the visual perception channel, and then all the work with the mouse comes. Click, slide, double-kick … the keyboard and monitor have become our extended body parts. This influences our thinking and also our emotional situation. Many are tired and, despite all the gimmicks, somehow bored. It takes more and more effects and special features to keep the participants engaged in a session. For this reason, I would like to share 15 ideas for your facilitation with you, where you don’t need anything apart from the video conference tool itself. This session is interactive: we play, move and have fun together.

Room 2:  Yaravi Cardoze “Agile Communities: A Practical approach. Our journey @WIA Panama Group”
Four leaders with different roles in the WIA Panama Group and careers in the STEM will share how they used agile techniques and set of practices to start, evolve and grow the WIA Panama community. Applying agile principles in a practical manner : trust, collaboration, delivery, improvement, respect, reflection. The specific tricks and techniques from the agile world that helped to overcome obstacles and create thriving agile community. They will share their journey,  what worked, what didn’t and what was learned from it.

Room 3: Moni Rosemberg (in spanish) “¿Cómo liderar el cambio y aprender del futuro emergente?”
– La U como enfoque para el aprendizaje y el cambio
– El corazón de la agilidad y el uso de la inteligencia colectiva
– El potencial del talento femenino en este nuevo paradigma
Presentaremos la Teoría U (Presencing Institute del MIT), su recorrido y su contribución a la innovación y al cambio individual, grupal, organizacional y social desde una escucha profunda permitiendo que emerja el futuro con mayor potencial. Conversaremos sobre cómo el corazón de la agilidad en combinación con el talento femenino ofrecen una oportunidad única para enfentar el actual paradigma del liderazgo y la acción acompañando el pasaje del ego-sistema al ecosistema.

11:40 AM-12:40 PM EST (3:40-4:40 PM UTC)

Room 1 – Nicole Spence-Goon “Three Factors for Agile Scaling Success
Have you ever thought to yourself, “How can we make Agile Scaling less of a goal itself and more of a method to get our organizational goals?” We know we need to scale, but where do we go from here? Come to this session to get the answers you’ve been searching for! This talk will focus on three factors that emerged as common themes throughout my experience working on government Agile Scaling projects that ultimately impacted the trajectory of each agency’s Scaling journey.

Room 2 – Ann-Marie Kong & Allison Pollard “Compassionate Accountability
Work has converged with home, school, and family in the same location. We are experiencing grief, loss, pain, suffering, anxiety and stress. “Crucial conversations” about work seem trivial in light of what’s happening around us. The pandemic is an awakening to our humanity. In the midst of grief and stress, life moves forward. There are new possibilities, opportunities and gifts emerging. Come experience compassionate accountability, and your capacity to simultaneously hold pain and compassion. Attendance at this session is limited to 48.

Room 3 – Patricia Kong & Jill Graves “How to Journey Through Shame
Shame is an emotion that can be positive in helping us decipher cohesion in community and society. It is also an invisible weapon that can knowingly or unknowingly be used to oppress, allowing for continued cycles of generational shame. In this workshop, Patricia Kong and Jill Graves will share the practices and processes they have individually been through which have allowed them to reframe and rebuild as better family members, professionals, community members and women. Through a series of facilitated discussions and exercises, they will invite the audience to examine their collective understanding of shame, the behaviors that support it, the practices that let negative feelings persist, and the methods to not only reclaim dignity for ourselves, but also for those we love around us. While this will be an interactive session, facilitators will not be asking for participants to share their personal experiences, but hope that they leave with inspiration and curiosity to conquer their shame journeys. Attendance at this session is limited to 40.

12:45-1:30 PM EST (4:45-5:30 UTC) Lightning Talks

Kristine SweetMe-WOW! Self-Care Tips I’ve Learned from My Cats
Do you feel like a rubber band that has been stretched so far that it’sabout to break? Come to this session to learn how to rest and reset!Making time for self-care is so crucial these days because we’re isolated, we’re working hard, we’re worried, or we’re just plain tired. We need to rest and reset – not just for physical health, but also as a critical part of mental health. This lightning talk is a light-hearted presentation sharing what I’ve learned about taking care of myself during the pandemic, from observing my cats nap, play, explore, and stretch. I’ll also provide some of the science behind these observations and their connections to wellness and mindfulness. Whether you’re a cat-lover or not, these furry felines and I will offer up a few valuable tips and tricks to make the most of your self-care experience.

Carla Krieger – “How to Know if you Delivered Value?
In this talk, the importance of having a projected curve for product adoption and well defined OKRs will be addressed, enabling faster monitoring of the product’s consumption trend and results, together with practices of deliveries based on MBI (Minimal Business Increment), lean metrics and consumer experience being monitored through the ROX (return on experience) model. The ROX model in this presentation will be based on the approach brought by PWC in 2019 (Global Consumer Insights Survey 2019).

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