8 May Schedule

May 8, 2021

10:30-10:35 AM SGT

APAC Conference Opening

10:35-11:05 AM SGT

Hana Siddiquee “What is Agile Teaching and Learning, and Can it help prepare the future workforce” 
In this session you will discover why Agile strategies are vital for educational institutions. You will learn about an innovative method proven to improve student engagement. You will know a few strategies towards preparing the future workforce

11:05-11:35 AM SGT

Kiran Khatri & Savitha Ramachandran “Agile parenting for less-stress families” 
Parenting can be overwhelming, especially for working couples. During this conversation, we will explore how adopting agile practices in parenting could reduce stress and at same time hone our leadership skills.

11:35-12:05 AM SGT

Stanka Pendziviaterova “Importance of establishing a coaching alliance in sponsored coaching”

12:05-12:35 PM SGT

Shakti Gupta “Unleashing yourself with personal agility” 
I will talk about my experience and how certain mindset shifts helped me reach my goals and can help you as well.

12:35-1:05 PM SGT

Madeeha Khan “Conflict Management” 
Conflict: why it happens, how it happens and once it happens, how do you manage it. I will discuss different styles of conflict management, effective use of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), using emotional intelligence and being good listener.  Attendance at this session is limited to 50.

1:15-1:35 PM SGT

Brittney Gray “What Agile looks like in the “new normal” world” 

1:35-2:30 PM SGT

Open Discussion and Close Day 1

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