9 May Schedule

May 9, 2021

10:30-10:35 AM SGT

APAC Conference Day 2 Opening

10:35-11:05 AM SGT

Falguni Rolekar “Woman in Servant Leadership – A Game Changer” 
Servant Leadership is the key for success in today’s life. It could be personal, professional or anywhere. So who can be better servant leader than women. Women are born servant leader. In this session we will explore how the nurturing nature of women translates to success in the corporate world and celebrate some extraordinary women servant leaders.

11:05-11:35 AM SGT

Priya Patra “Incorporating Non-functional Requirements in your user story with Story Cubes” 
The non-functional requirements, like security, usability, or regulatory needs are often part of the definition of done.  Non-functional requirements are not optional, yet many a times these are missed the common reason being “Everybody knows it’. What if we could use leverage games to uncover these non-functional requirements and explicitly define them? What if we could make this entire activity fun rather than a stressful exercise? Can this improve collaboration within the team and with customers? We will find out…

11:35-12:05 AM SGT

Nagini Chandramouli & Vani SuriaPrakash “Visualize, Interact and be Accountable (VIA) coaching assignments” 
Visualization and powerful interaction using various frameworks and tools, empowers the coachee to take charge and be more accountable of their goals and actions arising from the coaching assignments. This helps the Coach to observe the progress made by the coachee and guide them to realign the conversation to address the gaps. This transparency in the coaching conversation helps both – the coach and the coachee to attain the coaching goal in a more healthy and productive way.

12:05-12:35 PM SGT

Shipra Aggarwal “Scrum and Supply Chain” 
I will discuss how the core elements of scrum can be applied to supply chain with the business case of setting up a new warehouse by desired date.

12:35-1:35 PM SGT

Alison Gitelson “Increasing our Agility Quotient” 
An Agile approach is characterized by short iterations, frequent reassessment, and adaptation. For this to be an effective way of working there is an assumption that human beings are adaptable, and at ease with change and disruption. Are we? By nature, some people are very adaptive, however many aren’t. That’s okay because we can increase our adaptive skills and fitness just as we do for sport and other activities. A bonus of getting fit in this way is also increasing our innovation skills, self-confidence, and resilience. In this workshop we’ll have fun doing a few activities that increase our agility quotient, and consider how best we can use this in our workplaces.

1:35-2:05 PM SGT

Grace Johnson “Building the Global Agile Community of practice” 

The Agile 20 Reflect festival was about New Voices and the Community! People, and our collective humanity. The festival was not just marking and celebrating the 20th anniversary of the manifesto but also the role Agile plays more broadly in our lives and the roles we all play in each other’s. During this talk we will examine the level of situational awareness that was brought to these new voices, why it matters and whether we can anticipate and exploit the current conferences with these new voices. We will explore how these voices will help shape our new ways of working in the pandemic and how we can promote these new voices in our Community.

2:05-2:30 PM SGT

Open Discussion and Close Day 2  

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