Speakers List

We are honored and delighted to have the following speakers appearing at our conference:

Shipra Aggarwal is an Agile Practitioner with expertise in providing coaching and training to delivery managers, program managers, executives, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, individuals, and teams from diverse backgrounds and organizations. She comes with immense software engineering, delivery, project management and process implementation background. She is active in agile community-building as a member of the ScrumAlliance Practitioner Community (P-CAT) at global level and part of other local communities in India.

Heidi Castillo is a communicator specializing in Agile Marketing and leadership of Agile teams in marketing, communications, and commercial projects. She is a local leader for Women in Agile Perú and Marketing Manager in the Business Agility Institute Chapter Perú.

Gabriela Batista Castro leads cultural transformation and delivery solutions in organizations that include telecommunications, banking, health, airlines, humanitarian efforts, research, education, and information technology. Gabriela performs as coach, mentor, facilitator, teacher, PM, designer and visual thinking practitioner. Gabriela’s passions are digital transformation and human transformation–the first one is not possible without the second, and human transformation is accelerated by using technology. Gabriela is the founder of many Lean-in Circles across the world. She is also founder of WIA Panama, performs as Visual Coach for community leaders of WIA Peru, and is the mentorship leader for Entrepreneur Mothers Club. Connect with Gabriela on LinkedIn or Instagram.

Nagini Chandramouli is an Agile Coach, Management Consultant & Program Manager with strong leadership track record in creating, leading, and managing distributed Agile teams. She worked in various leadership roles over past 24 years as Agile Leader fortified with experience primarily in Industry segments such as Banking, Intellectual Property Management, Utilities, Knowledge Management, Intellectual Property Rights, Business Process Modeling, Disaster Management and Product Development, Operational Excellence, Policy Enforcement, Risk. Currently working as an enterprise agile coach at Bank of America Continuum, Hyderabad, she has degrees in Public Personnel Management from Osmania University and Mathematics from Nagarjuna University and SPC, SASM, CSP, KMP, SAFe SA, ICP ACC, LeSS Basics, PMI-ACP, PMP, certified. She facilitates/volunteers with various organizations and speaks on public platforms along with change leaders and project management professionals. She was associated with PMI Pearl City Chapter for more than 9 years and was a VP.

Alison Gitelson of CanBeeDone is a maximizer, facilitator and growth enabler.  She combines over 30 years of technical and management experience (in healthcare, ICT, engineering, education, government and NGO sectors) with a deep understanding of human behaviour.  Alison works with brave leaders and teams to unlock human ability; and to envision, strategize, and move, towards a better, more human and sustainable, way of doing business in a complex world.  She has successfully led teams through transformation and change, and mentored other leader managers to do the same.  Her workshops consistently receive high ratings and are received as informative, engaging, practical and transformative by clients from a broad spectrum of businesses. Alison is a popular presenter at Agile and Lean conferences and event

Jill Graves is a Scrum.org Certified Professional Scrum Trainer (PST), Agile coach, and Scrum Master. She helps Canadian public and private sector organizations transform how they tackle complex work by adopting the Scrum framework. She is one of just 12 PSTs certified in Canada and one of 20 women certified globally, Jill brings a unique perspective along with almost three decades of hands-on experience to every training engagement. Jill is an interactive trainer and a valued member in the agile community. She has a deep understanding of Canada’s public sector and was honoured with the GTEC Leadership Award in 2015 for her role in the Agile transformation of the Canada Revenue Agency. She is eager to share her passion and expertise using Scrum with others.

Riddhi Gupta is a seasoned leader with expertise in formulating and executing IT and business strategies, leading domestic and International portfolio, and Digital transformations. She is passionate about empowering people through collaborative partnerships and making value-add fun. She is the founder and chair for Women in Agile, Charlotte Metro group, the founding board member for Agile Week Carolinas, and a product launcher for AgileConnex.

Shakti Gupta is ICP-ACC certified Agile Coach working at Accenture, India. over past 10yrs, she has evolved from being a scrum team member, Scrum Master and then an Agile Coach. Shakti teaches, mentors and coaches various agile frameworks and takes keen interest in helping teams perform better than yesterday.

Everything related to continuous learning and improvement inspires Shakti.

Nazee Hajebi has a bachelor’s degree from University of California Irvine, where she majored in Computer Science and MBA from Pepperdine University. Nazee has held different positions during her career from a software engineer, IT auditor, business analyst, program manager to agile coach. She has worked at different organizations and industries from startup to fortune 50 companies like KPMG, Experian to Appdynamice(Cisco). Her passion is attending storytelling gathering and playing games (board, Xbox, …..) and volunteering with organizations that work with at-risk children. She has been a reviewer for different speaking submission to Agile Alliance and presented at Agile Alliance 2019. She loves traveling the world, both near and far. Her most interesting experience has been hiking in Tibet.

Colleen Johnson is the CEO and co-founder of ScatterSpoke, a space for more effective retrospectives, and CEO of ProKanban.org, an inclusive Kanban learning community. As a coach, she helps organizations apply a systems thinking approach to aligning agile methodologies across the enterprise. She works with clients to find the right cultural and context-driven practices to create sustainable agility. She has served as a board member for Agile Denver, the Agile Uprising, and as chair of Mile High Agile Conferences.
She is happiest in the woods, camping with her three kids and very patient husband.

Grace Johnson is a fresh exciting voice in the Global Agile community and is dedicated to raising the African Agile abilities and voice across her native Nigeria and beyond. She holds several Scrum Master qualifications and loves the potential of the Agile frameworks in transforming the conditions of people in her country. She is dedicated to lifelong learning and giving everyone the opportunity to embrace their true potential! In 2020 She became a Trustee at The Agile 20 Reflect, where she rose to the challenge of creating a global agile delivery organisation. Much of the success of the festival was down to the resilient network of human connections that Grace grew and empowered.  Doing anything new is hard but she delivered her responsibility of setting up, coordinating and facilitating the worldwide Festival Ambassador Network of Agile 20 Reflect Festival. She led 85 Ambassadors from 19 world regions which were instrumental to the over 800 events at the month-long festival with participation from 140 countries worldwide. LinkedIn  Twitter

Jessica Katz is a trainer, mentor and coach helping people find and nurture their authentic selves. Through Liberated Elephant, Jessica works with individuals, teams, leaders, and organizations to help them discover where they are, and with their new knowledge, help them uncover solutions that move them forward on their journey. Her methodology is informed by Agile values, principles, and practices, creating a safe space for clients to be their full selves without judgement.

Kiran Khatri is an Agile evangelist and cultural leader helping drive Agile culture within organizations. She has 16 years of IT experience working across the globe in varied roles for major organizations. She faced many challenges during her journey,w hich acted as a catalyst for her to be a pioneer and lead the change. She is a passionate and engaging coach who can drive tangible behaviour change. She lives in Singapore with a family of 2 kids.

Ann-Marie Kong is a Transformation Leadership & Co-Active Agile Coach, creative catalyst, avid learner, community grower, and a generous, joyful, playful and grateful soul.  She is on a journey of living her life’s purpose, shifting from a life of success to a life of significance where success is aligned with significance, and making a meaningful difference in the world by sharing enduring love. Connect with her via https://www.linkedin.com/in/ann-marie-kong or https://transformingleaders.ca/book-ann-marie

Patricia Kong has engaged live audiences globally of over 2,000 people as keynote speaker and also at intimate agile and Scrum community events.  She is a co-developer of the Nexus Framework for Scaling Scrum and the Evidence-Based Management Framework.  Patricia is a content creator who leads with an authentic voice and is an interactive speaker.  She is fascinated by organizational behavior and misbehaviour. She works with agile leaders, mentors Scrum Masters and agile coaches as well as young people entering the workforce. She sometimes teaches professionals and MBA students.  She is co-author of “The Nexus Framework for Scaling Scrum” published by Pearson. Patricia emerged through the financial services industry and has led product development, product management and marketing for several early stage companies in the US and Europe. At Forrester Research, Patricia worked with their largest clients focusing on business development and delivery engagements. Patricia lived in France and now lives in her hometown of Boston. She is fluent in 4 languages.
Carla Kreiger is the co-author of books written in a collaborative way, highlighting the “Jornada Business Agility” book, where I was curator and led the writing with 48 co-authors. ShePassionate about people and learning, Always ready to explore new ways of working that encourage a collaborative environment, with diversities, delivering value and results according to a purpose. Head of Business and Culture at the Community “Jornada Colaborativa”, Head of JornadaCast (PodCast of Jornada Collaborativa), Enterprise Agile Coach at Globo and Access Agile Community Volunteer where I was the Brazilian Ambassador of the Agile20 Reflect Festival. Co-author of books written in a collaborative way, highlighting the “Jornada Business Agility” book, where I was curator and led the writing with 48 co-authors. Passionate about people and learning, Always ready to explore new ways of working that encourage a collaborative environment, with diversities, delivering value and results according to a purpose. Head of Business and Culture at the Community “Jornada Colaborativa”, Head of JornadaCast (PodCast of Jornada Collaborativa), Enterprise Agile Coach at Globo and Access Agile Community Volunteer where I was the Brazilian Ambassador of the Agile20 Refelct Festival. Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carla-krieger/

Gillian Lee is a Delivery Coach who works with software development teams and leaders in growth stage organizations to maximize their delivery potential, most recently at Nulogy, Rangle.io and Oanda. She also helps others develop their coaching and facilitation competencies through teaching workshops and mentoring. Gillian is co-author of Professional Coaching for Agilists: Accelerating Agile Adoption, co-founder of the AgileTO meetup and a regular speaker at local and international conferences.

Leslie Morse leads the Community & Organizational Development strategy for Scrum.org. In this capacity she serves as Product Owner for the Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) program and global PST community. This work allows her to maximize her passion for unlocking the creative wisdom of people and leverage her skills as a Organization and Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC). Prior to joining Scrum.org, Leslie enjoyed a career that included co-founding a digital marketing start-up and working on the Lowe’s Home Improvement e-commerce platform. Her agile journey formally started in 2010 and included 9 years in agile coaching and training as well as business leadership for agile consulting companies. She lives in Columbia, SC and loves live music, cooking and traveling. In addition to her responsibilities at Scrum.org she serves on the Women in Agile Org leadership team and is the host of the Women in Agile Podcast.

Charlene Newton is an Enterprise Agile Coach who recently emerged as an SPCT candidate. Her passion is coaching executives and knowledge workers to adopt new ways of working and scaling to optimize time to market with innovative business solutions. She models transparent communication, lifelong learning, relentless improvement, and continuous engagement with empowered executives and knowledge workers. Since her first full time role as developer, she has held leadership roles on both sides of the dual operating system in large enterprises including Director of Marketing and Sales, Program Manager, Architect Team Lead, Product Owner, Scrum Master, RTE, and Agile Coach. Charlene loves to interact with her audience and is known for her ready sense of humor. Her favorite two hour read this month is Kotter’s That’s Not How We Do It Here!, a fable about clans of meerkats in the Kalahari Desert.


Priya Patra is a mother of two, author, blogger, women empower believer, dreamer, creator and a futurist. An Agile Evangelist and a Program Manager spearheading digital transformation, digital quality assurance, and quality engineering program for a large conglomerate in Lifesciences domain. She leads an Agile Community of Practice within the organization of 546 members, across 40 countries evangelizing Agile practices across all levels in the organization. She is a speaker for national and International conferences on Digital, Agile and Project Management. Since Jan 2020, she has been building the women’s community Women PowerUp Network – a virtual community of around 550 women across the globe. She is also a faculty member of The PM Circle, an unique community of project leaders, agilists, coaches and consultants. A circle of competence, knowledge and unique global perspectives. When she is not working, she dreams about the future of work, and its impact on projects. Her views are expressed through blogs on projectmanagement.com. You can also find her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Stanka Pendziviaterova

Nadja Petranovskaja moved from Russia to Germany for her Psychology studies because of her love of the German language. She has 17 years of international experience as a consultant, project manager and executive in IT, consulting, insurance, logistics, automotive, banking, consumer and FMCG, tourism, aerospace, pharma and energy. What tied all the different missions together was the belief that people can accomplish anything they decide to do if they are happy to do what they do and look forward to each Monday. Since 2011, the independent female entrepreneur has been advising teams and organizations on the way to the future of work.

Allison Pollard helps organizations create Agility by building trust between business & IT, leaders & teams, and within teams. As Technical Director for Improving, she is a curator of agile frameworks and change methods who coaches leaders and teams to improve work relationships and enable better delivery. Allison is also a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, a foodie, and proud glasses wearer. Connect with her via Allison Pollard | LinkedIn or  https://www.allisonpollard.com/

Savitha Ramachandaran is an international Project director and seasoned Portfolio Manager with 15 years of experience in driving large scale Business, Organization, IT & Strategic transformation projects. As a certified Agile practitioner, she is passionate about Agile coaching, experimenting different Agile practices and frameworks to discover and enable agile adoption and cultural transformation. As an experienced Agile coach and a proud mother of 3 kids, Savitha brings diverse perspectives by expanding her Agile horizon in everything she does.

Falguni Rolekar is a results-oriented Industry leader with over twenty years of IT service delivery expertise to manage complex application portfolios and drive customer success. She has coached and mentored 100+ people in Agile Software Development and Scrum. She is a speaker at forums on Enterprise Agile Transformation for IBM customers across the globe. She draws on best practices from a variety of methodologies and frameworks including Design Thinking, Lean, SAFe and Organization Change Management to increase the effectiveness of the transformations she leads. She is passionate IBM PMCoE volunteer in supporting various project management activities and active volunteer for PMI from 2007. She holds number of IBM internal and external certifications, and is currently part of the LIMC (Leadership Institute master Class) program from PMI. She is part of the Board of Directors for PMI Mumbai Chapter.

Moni Rosemberg is an expert in change management and agile methodologies. Her approach aligns people and innovation to the business and its context. Her current work is based on more than two decades of experience helping organizations co-create transformative learning experiences to respond to the challenges of their teams and people. Monica works with Theory U within the agile framework and facilitates learning programs to achieve profound personal and organizational change. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Luba Sakharuk has been in IT for over 20 years. She was born in Vilnius, Lithuania and settled in Boston, Massachusetts in 1992. She was accepted into Northeastern University and received her undergraduate degree in Computer Science. While working full time as a software engineer, she continued her studies and by 2004, graduated from Worcester Polytech Institute of Technology with a Masters in Computer Science with concentration in the Computer and Communication Networks. Her career led her to Agile Coaching, Facilitation, Leadership and now Digital transformations. Her passion for solving engineering and business problems led her to an MIT Program on Business Applications of  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and eventually to becoming a published Author and a Speaker.

Hana Siddiquee is the founder of Agile in Education USA and President at Bohnishikha. She’s the chair of the Agile in Education Global Virtual conference. She is a pioneer in the usage of Agile Teaching and Learning Methodology, Scrum, and eduScrum in higher education in the USA. She is the only post-secondary educator in the USA to have implemented Agile Teaching and Learning Methodology, Scrum, eduScrum and L-EAF Learning Educational Agile Framework, Scaling in the classroom, into more than 15 graduate and undergraduate courses by the year 2020.

She serves as the lead North America regions of the Women PowerUp Network. She is  conducting research in Women Empowerment, Women in Agile Leadership, and Alleviate Poverty through Innovative Educational programs.

Nicole Spence-Goon has been working in the IT industry for over 20 years in several roles, using that experience to enrich her abilities as a knowledgeable Agilist. Her mission to live a life of learning has led her to become a Certified Scrum Professional and gain other Scrum Alliance certifications, attain several Scaling certifications as well as become a Certified Professional in Agile Coaching.  Nicole has used her experience on projects that were transitioning to more Agile frameworks to guide her approach for helping Federal government agencies realize the benefits of Agile principles as opposed to just technical practices. She specializes in team coaching and facilitation and has empowered teams to increase their workflow and boost their team performance.  Nicole is also passionate about building communities as core team member of Agile in Color and lifting women’s voices as a co-organizer of the DC Women in Agile group.

Vani Palaperthi SuriaPrakash is an Agile Coach and has over a decade of experience in different flavours of Agile and with different team setup- Dev, support, infra, etc. She has helped organizations to set up the high performance teams through Agile transformation. She has also trained multiple teams, product owners and tech executives across Media & Entertainment, Communications, Manufacturing, Banking and Insurance domains. Passionate about coaching as Life Coach and performance coach, and a continuous learner and enthusiastic agile practitioner. Have presented about Agile and Scrum in the Chennai ICF chapter.

Kristine Sweet leads Agile transformation and delivery solutions as a Principal at Kearney & Company, empowering others to self-organize, collaborate, communicate, and create value-driven solutions more effectively. She is a proud graduate of Roanoke College and has over 15 years of federal financial management experience, supporting over a dozen civilian and defense agencies with accounting, auditing, financial statement and disclosure preparation, analysis and project management solutions. She lives in Maryland with her three kids, two cats, and one husband. Kristine is a big fan of almost anything involving levity, color, and creativity. When she’s not spending time with her family and cats, she’s probably up to something crafty.

Shelby Wilson is a coach, facilitator, teacher and inspirer, and also loves when people break out into singing!! Her current focus is improving leadership teams through insightful facilitation and organisation coaching. Helping them unknot difficult, multiple departments problems within the finance world and more recently working in the insurance realm. She is passionate about helping organizations transform, to improve service delivery to customers, and improve the working lives of people within the organization. Her other focus is communities of practice, and she speaks regularly around the United Kingdom on this to highlight how important people are to each other and ways of working. LinkedIn    Twitter

Madeeha Khan Yousafzai is an experienced software project management trainer, consultant and mentor. She is committed to positioning Project Management as a Strategic Enabler for Business Excellence in current business world of Agility. Madeeha has 12 years’ experience and has worked in the information technology, telecommunications, real estate, energy, and hospitality sectors across Pakistan, Norway, and the US. Madeeha’s passion is empowering teams by fostering an Agile mindset and compassionate leadership. She has spoken at conferences for Scrum and the Agile community across UK, USA, Ireland, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Portugal.

Organizing Team

Madhavi Pradhan is Local Leader of Women in Agile Singapore and Founder of Innov8agility, Singapore. She is an Agile Coach and Trainer, a SAFe® 5 Program Consultant (SPC), ICAgile accredited trainer (ICP-ATF,ICP-BAF)


Sheila Eckert is a passionate agilist with extensive background in software engineering, and co-leader of Women in Agile NYC

Rebecca Stevenson is a Boston-area technical writer and co-leader of Boston Area Women in Agile.

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